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Get Your Summer Body Fast

Summer is quickly approaching. But it’s not too late to look your best. Here are some things you can do right now.

5 Day Sugar Reboot Challenge

Do you know how much sugar you’re actually consuming? This will shock you! Cleanse your system and break the cycle.

Fat Can Help You Lose Weight

How eating the right kinds of fat can actually help you lose weight, boost your metabolism and lower your cholesterol.

Exercise Even When You Have a Desk Job

Get exercise into your day no matter how busy you are. Easy, quick ways to do it.

Getting Started on the Right Track

Trying to get started on a healthy eating and exercise kick can be the hardest part! Sarah Haas joins us on Daytime with some easy tips on how to get started on the right track!

Kicking the Sugar Habit

Get rid of those annoying sugar cravings once and for all. Finally feel like you’re in control instead of your cravings controlling you.

Tips, Inspiration & Motivation


Miracle weight loss or total BS? What I think of the keto diet

Hey there! Since the keto diet is hella popular right now and I get asked ALL THE TIME what I think about it, I thought I’d share my insight. If ...

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Easy Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

How to stick with your routine even when you’re tired, busy, or just don’t feel like it! How many times have you been totally pumped (pun intended!) to start exercising ...

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How Stress is Keeping You Fat

Ever wonder why you have that ANNOYING spare tire around your mid-section, even when you’re doing *pretty good* with diet and exercise? And why is it always the first place ...

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A Farewell Letter to My Boobs

I recently underwent a bilateral mastectomy as part of my treatment for Stage II breast cancer, which was diagnosed in October 2019. This journey has been both physically and emotionally ...

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Recipes to LOVE

Pan Seared Trout

Pan Seared Trout 2 ½ lb Trout Filet (skin on)Salt and PepperGarlic PowderChili PowderLemon Juice2 tbsp Olive Oil, plus more to drizzle on fish Preheat skillet (cast iron is preferred) with olive oil on medium-highheat.Season ...

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Cinnamon Brown Sugar Baked Peaches

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Baked Peaches 3 Large Ripe PeachesSalted ButterBrown SugarCinnamonPlain Greek Yogurt (optional) Preheat oven to 375.Slice peaches in half and remove the pit. Place in an oven safe panlined with aluminum foil.Top each ...

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Meet Sarah

I’m an integrative nutrition health coach, weight loss & diabetes expert, certified personal trainer, and speaker. I’m also a single, forty-something mompreneur and breast cancer survivor. My passion is walking alongside successful women to achieve their ideal weight and finally get control of their diet and healt