“I fully recommend Sarah as a personal trainer and/or health wellness coach to ANYONE! She is so devoted to helping you reach your goals and really spends a lot of time developing personal regimes centered around your specific needs. She is so incredibly friendly and passionate and her healthy energy is impossible to not get swept up in. I positively adore the powerhouse that this amazing lady is!”

– Shannon Head

“Sarah is truly an expert on nutrition and exercise, and is a wonderful source of inspiration, ideas, and encouragement. What we achieved together was transformational.”

– Christy

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Sarah. She helped me get “un-stuck” from some unhealthy habits, resulting in a 65 pound weight loss!! Highly recommended!!!”

– Allison Dykes

“Wellness” is a journey, and like any journey it requires preparation, training, hard work, and excellent support. Sarah taught me what this really means. It’s not a journey towards a number on a scale or a pant size, though those can be a part of it. The goals Sarah has helped me achieve have made it possible for me to thrive during some very hard times. Caring for your body and mind, and truly loving yourself, are not things folks are born knowing how to do effectively. Sarah meets you where you are on your journey and gives you the real support you need to make it to your goals. I’m thankful every day for what she has taught me and her continued encouragement. If you are truly ready to live well, she is the one to help you!”

– Amanda Dove

“I was diagnosed with diabetes about a year before my retirement but I didn’t realize how serious my diet was affecting my health and diabetes. I felt bad entirely too often and I was not exercising enough or eating the right foods. I ate most of my meals at fast food restaurants and I had to have something sweet and sugary after every meal. I needed motivation that would keep me on track to lose weight, exercise, and stick to it. Six months after I started my program with Sarah, I weigh 195 pounds (down from a high of 219) and my average blood sugar is 102. I feel better and have more energy than I did before I retired.

She gave me the term and I like very much “self care.”  I highly recommend everyone to engage Sarah Haas to help with getting into a healthier lifestyle.”

– Terry Henderson

“Sarah helped me to realize my diet is a journey and a life changing experience. Although I backslide from time to time, tomorrow is a new day…..quit body shaming yourself, let’s rewire our brain!!! Love yourself. She helped me at a time that was a difficult time for herself yet she never missed a beat with encouragement for me. Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer during our time together. Because she was healthy to begin with, she tolerated her trials with chemo and other treatments like a champ, and I believe it was because she practices her recommendations, which made an impact on me… Sarah Thank You!!!!!!”

– Tammy Baird

“I already knew most of what I needed to know in order to make healthy choices, but, for a variety of reasons, had never successfully implemented those things for a significant length of time. Sarah guided me to look at the underlying causes of my health issues, and to shift my focus from losing weight quickly, and perhaps temporarily, to addressing the issues that led me to live in an unhealthy, unbalanced way to begin with. She helped me to stop blaming myself and to find my inner strength, nourish my spirit, and move toward a healthy balance.

What has emerged, and is still emerging, is a stronger me, one that loves myself more and has more respect for my body and my being in general.”

– Christy Shivell

“Diet fads do not work and Sarah takes a natural approach that doesn’t waste your time. She helped me to think about my specific goals for eating and exercising. She is energetic and very practical for busy families. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for someone to help make yourself a plan for a healthy lifestyle.

It feels so good knowing I’m doing this the right, healthy way and not some fad that won’t work once it’s over!”

– Lee Whitson

“Sarah helped both my teenage boys learn about healthier eating options. She worked with the foods they both liked and focused on making sure they got their fruit and veggies in daily. But most of all she really explained how different foods and exercise effect your body to them.”

– Christy Frew

“I have nothing but good things to say about Sarah. I truly feel so much better. My digestive tract is so much happier! And I am much happier. My mood is lifted and I deal with everyday situations better.”

– Jennifer R.

“Sarah understands things about my body that I’ve never thought of. She has a great understanding of people’s mental health and physical health connections. She has taught me so many helpful ways to stay healthy and energized.”

– Vanessa Westmoreland

“I lost 5.5 pounds during Sarah’s 5-day cleanse and no longer crave sweets, so that’s huge for me. My biggest change is not drinking diet mountain dew. I had really gotten to where I could not function without it, drinking 3-4 bottles a day. Now it is zero!  I definitely have a lot more energy!”

– Christy F.

“Sarah is an excellent coach. Her “Sugar Reset” and “5 Day cleanse” programs were challenging but with her guidance became very doable. She is an excellent listener and teacher. With her in your corner, goals are achievable!”

– Juani Quinones

“It is hard to eloquently summarize what working with Sarah has done for me. I feel empowered, worthy, and prepared to visualize what I want in life – balance, harmony, health, vitality- to achieve it, and to believe that I deserve it.”

– Christy S.

“Sarah had a passion for wellness and nutrition long before she made it her profession. Her approach to nutrition is adding healthy habits and foods instead of focusing on deprivation and bad foods. This really helps create a positive focus and mindset when you follow her program. It’s not about perfection but your personal journey to healthy living.”

-Heather Sanders

“I’ve been working with Sarah for about 6 weeks and I’m here to tell you all the things she is told me at the beginning are true. When she told me my cravings would change, I honestly thought…ok sure they will. I have not craved sugar or salty things and now stop myself before grabbing a “snack” because I’m not really hungry. Once I broke some bad habits it feels so good knowing I’m eating good, natural foods.”

– Lee

“This is the biggest bargain in health care that I know of. I feel lighter, leaner, and clearer!”

– Jamie H.

“Sarah has been such a positive experience in my life! I broke my ankle and she was right there to help me stay strong! Her personal training routines are set up specifically for the individual! She is kind and strong. I definitely recommend her for your fitness needs!”

– Denise Gash

“I went to Sarah a few years ago to get on track with my health and wellness. I enjoyed our sessions together and she had many useful tips to enable me to get on track with my health. I would highly recommend Sarah for your health and wellness needs.”

– Kathy Mead

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