Not feeling great about exposing body parts that have been hiding under layers of heavy clothes for months? You’re not alone.

Ready or not summer is upon us!

But don’t panic. There’s still time to feel confident wearing short sleeves, shorts or a bathing suit this season.

Of course, getting healthy and strong and feeling great is the ultimate goal here.

But let’s face it, body positivity (or negativity) makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves and how we go through everyday life.

Watch my latest segment on Daytime Tri-Cities HERE for a few simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to look leaner and slimmer so you can rock that bathing suit.

I hope these tips inspire you to feel as amazing on the outside as I know you are on the inside.

I’d love to hear how you feel about summer this year. Are you looking forward to it or dreading it?

Leave a comment below.