The Best Diet Advice I’ve Ever Given

I’m talking to you if:   You’ve tried every diet under the sun but are STILL carrying the weight - you lose it, gain it back, lose it, gain even more back…..and on and on….   You’re DESPERATE to get the weight off   You wake up every day ...

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FREE 5-Day Sugar Reboot Challenge

An EASY way to kick sugar to the curb, lose the cravings and melt away extra weight. Slay the Sugar Dragon! Get Your Energy Back! AND Say Goodbye to Belly Bloat!   Sign up HERE!

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How to Quit Talking Sh!t to Yourself!

Want to speed up weight loss instead of slowing it down? Then quit talking shit to yourself! Floggings will continue until morale improves! I saw this on a sign once. Ridiculous right? So why do you think constantly putting yourself down for being “fat” or “lazy” or a “failure” ...

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Do-able Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Life is short so I’m not going waste your time telling you all the reasons why sugar is bad for you.   You already know it’s terrible for your health and that eating too much thwarts any weight loss goals you may have.   But the constant cravings are ...

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The #1 easiest way to burn fat – no diet, no exercise

If I offered you a magic pill to help you lose weight and all you had to do was swallow it, would you take it?   Of course you would!   Well, this isn’t a magic pill, but it’s almost as easy: Drink more water!   Literally all you ...

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The #1 easiest way to burn fat – no diet, no exercise2019-07-02T15:15:06+00:00

Fat Burning Workout for Vacation or Anywhere

Just because you’re on vacation (or just enjoying summer festivities) doesn’t mean you should turn into a complete blob. Saying active is the best way to keep your weight in check even though you’re splurging more than usual. If you’re like I am, you spend a lot of time ...

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Live it up on vacation without gaining a pound

Aaaaaah, summer vacation - the beach, the palm trees, the pina coladas......the extra pounds that linger for six weeks afterward. I’m on vacation in Sunset Beach, NC this week and it is so wonderful to kick back and take a break from the real world. Just like you, when ...

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Love Yourself Lean

Do you find yourself cringing at your reflection every time you walk by a window? Struggling to find something in your closet that doesn't make you look fat? I've struggled with poor body image my whole life and I know how damaging it is. Through years of doing my ...

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Get Slim & Toned Before Summer – It’s Not Too Late

Not feeling great about exposing body parts that have been hiding under layers of heavy clothes for months? You're not alone. Ready or not summer is upon us! But don’t panic. There’s still time to feel confident wearing short sleeves, shorts or a bathing suit this season. Of course, ...

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