I’m talking to you if:


  • You’ve tried every diet under the sun but are STILL carrying the weight – you lose it, gain it back, lose it, gain even more back…..and on and on….


  • You’re DESPERATE to get the weight off


  • You wake up every day OBSESSED with losing the weight


  • You’re searching for that ONE THING that’s actually going to make it happen for good this time


I’ve got news for you: Most diets Do work. You DO lose weight……Until you gain it back.


So you chalk it up to another failure on your part. Time to move on to another diet and hope you have the ‘willpower’ to stick with it this time.


I’m here to tell you that YOU are not the problem! Willpower, or lack of it, is not the problem.


If 99% of the class fails, do you blame the students? NO, obviously the teacher or the class structure isn’t working.


Why Diets Fail, What They’re Missing, and How to Lose the Weight Forever


  1. The Diet is Too Overwhelming – too much information to take in and implement at one time.


I know you want the quick fix but that just doesn’t work.


Quit being in a rush. Take small, easy steps. Take one day at a time.


Choose ONE SMALL HABIT and keep doing you’re good at it. Then move on to the next.


  1. The Diet is Not Realistic FOR YOU.


Definition of realistic:

Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.

Maybe you have the idea in your head that your plan has to be CRAZY HARD or it won’t work.

Ummm…how many more CRAZY HARD plans have to NOT work before you realize you might just be wrong?


SIMPLE is what works. Ever heard of KISS?


Life is hard enough. You don’t have time for some crazy diet that takes up your whole freakin day.


  1. The Diet is Just Not Do-able Long Term.

    Why diets fail


Being miserable isn’t sustainable.

Starving yourself, constantly having to count calories or points or whatever, having to think about food all day every day….


Make sure the plan you sign up for is something you can live with. You’re not going to drink the same old shakes or frozen dinners for the rest of your life.


If the diets you’ve tried just haven’t worked. If you struggle to stay consistent enough to get the body you want, let’s talk.


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My SIMPLY FABULOUS Weight Loss Program has helped hundreds of women get exactly where they want to be – permanently.


It’s simple and totally do-able even if you think you don’t have willpower.


Even if you’re busy. Even if you’re stressed out. Even if your to-do list is a mile long.


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Dieting sucks! So let’s stop doing it!


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In love and health,

Sarah Haas Health Coach