Create the body and life you want!

  • lose weight while feeling full and satisfied
  • conquer your cravings so you are no longer dependent on sugar, junk food, or caffeine
  • boost energy, get rid of brain fog, and be more productive and focused
  • lower your risk of chronic illness and disease
  • feel more confident in your body
  • develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that actually stick even if you *think* you have no willpower

Initial Consult & Assessment, What to Expect

The first meeting is for me to get to know about you and catch up on your life  and health history. I’ll ask you about your food preferences, general health concerns, schedule, physical activity, and what has and hasn’t worked for you now and in the past. This information helps me develop your individualized nutrition/weight loss plan and goals. At the end of our first visit, we agree on a path forward.

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If you’re stuck carrying extra weight, struggling to remain consistent, and ready for a true lifestyle and mindset change, let’s talk!

Let’s customize plan that works specifically for you!

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