Tell me if this sounds like you:

“I’m so behind, I just need to get caught up.”

“I’ll take a break later when things slow down.”

“If I can just get through today, this week, this month……”

The problem is, we NEVER get there. Things never slow down!!!!

May is national mental health month and I want to challenge you to take a step back and really take a look at the big picture.

How is the way that you’re living impacting your health and the overall quality of your life?

Are the things you’re worrying about and spending time on really what’s most important to you? Deathbed: What will you wish you had done more of ? What will you wish you had done less of?

Here are some signs you’re #adulting way too much and you need to take a break:

1. You feel the stress before you even get out of bed. The minute you open your eyes, your thoughts start racing and your anxiety kicks up.

2. You can’t sit still. There’s is so much on your mind that you can’t take a break even if you have time because your brain is spinning wildly with the next thing.

3.You feel like you can’t stay on top of your to do list. You are always one step behind, a little bit late and completely stressed about it all.

4. You feel like everything will fall apart if you don’t stay on top of it. The truth is, some things MIGHT, but the world won’t stop spinning. The sun will still rise. Girl, you gotta let that shit go!!

I read a great quote once: “Life is much easier when you resign as general manager of the universe.”

Here are some simple things you can do right now:

1. Take a walk. It’s amazing how powerful it can be just putting your feet on solid ground and seeing how small you and your problems really are in the grand scheme of things. Get out of your own little world and take a universal perspective.

2. Breathe!!! Stress causes us to be shallow breathers, only taking little sips of air. When you mindfully take in a few big, slow breaths, it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which tells your whole body to relax.

3. Get some support. Talk to a friend, coach or counselor. Sharing your struggles with someone sympathetic (who is likely going through some of the same things) helps you realize you’re not alone.

4. Do a brain dump. Especially helpful right before you go to bed. Write down anything and everything that’s on your mind so it can quit swirling around in your head. Making a list for the next day is great too because you won’t be worried about forgetting it overnight.

5. Take a vacation. Get the hell outta Dodge! Get away from work and home where everything just reminds you of things you “should” be doing. Can’t afford a big trip? Spend the day with a book in a coffee shop. Go to the park and sit in the sun. Take a friend to browse antiques for the afternoon.

Remember how much easier it is to parent when your kids are rested, healthy and happy?

Your life will be much easier when YOU are rested, healthy and happy.

When you break the stress cycle and re-charging your battery, you’ll come back with sharper thinking, increased energy and higher productivity. You’ll be better at your job, more available in your relationships and with your family and more able to enjoy life.

Are you taking regular breaks to rest and reboot? Let me know in the comments below what you like to do to de-stress.