Life is short so I’m not going waste your time telling you all the reasons why sugar is bad for you.


You already know it’s terrible for your health and that eating too much thwarts any weight loss goals you may have.


But the constant cravings are real and slaying that sugar dragon is not easy.


One reason you crave it so much is that sugar triggers the release of dopamine, a feel-good chemical that activates the reward and pleasure centers in your brain.


It’s the same chemical released in response to drug use. It’s no wonder we’ll all addicted to the stuff!


Who doesn’t want rewards and pleasure??!!!


To add fuel to the fire, the more sugar you eat, the less dopamine you produce naturally. So you have to eat more and more sugar in order to feel the same pleasure. (And guess what… artificial sweeteners don’t do the job.)


It’s a vicious cycle.

girl eating ice cream


So I came up with a few not-too-painful ways to reduce your sugar intake:


  1. Avoid foods labeled “non-fat” and “low-fat.” Contrary to what you’ve been taught in the past, new science shows that dietary fat is not the problem when it comes to weight gain. Sugar and processed carbohydrates are.


If you don’t believe me, read my blog post, Why Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat.


Low-fat foods (like yogurt and salad dressing) are usually loaded with sugar to make up for the loss in flavor. So go for the full-fat version.


  1. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. Once you hit that starving mark, your brain drives you to choose foods that will give you quick glucose. Hence your uncontrollable cravings for cookies.


When you start feeling hungry (for a lot of us that’s usually around 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon), grab a healthy snack. Nuts or fruit with nut butter are good options.


  1. Switch to milder, natural sweeteners. Honey, maple syrup, dates, bananas, and applesauce can usually be substituted for sugar in recipes.


Fruit can also hit the spot when you have a craving. I know, it’s not a doughnut. But just try it and you’ll see…your craving will dissipate. Hang in there.


This doesn’t mean you can eat unlimited amounts just because it’s “healthy.” These are definitely better choices than refined sugar but eating too much will still have negative consequences.


  1. Join my free 5-Day Sugar Reboot Challenge next week. Sometimes cold turkey is the quickest, most effective way to get over the hump and move on.


I’ll be guiding you through the week, July 22-26, with instructions each day that will build on the one before. (They’re simple and not too hard.)


We’re gonna say goodbye to your sugar habit and all the nasty cravings, slim your tummy, and get your energy back.


You can do anything for five days, right! And it’s totally FREE.


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I’m curious to know how you’re sugar cravings are these days. Is it a beast or is moderation enough for you? Let me know in the comments below.